1/2″ Rubber Sheets

Product Description

We are proud to present our top-tier Rubber underlayment sheets, measuring 30″ x 48″ and featuring an exceptional 1/2″ thickness. These are the ultimate eco-responsible choice for property owners, contractors, and DIY aficionados who demand superior performance without compromising on environmental sustainability and product quality.

Our high-grade Rubber underlayment offers multiple benefits, including advanced noise reduction, thermal insulation, and inherent moisture resistance, making it a valuable addition to both residential and commercial flooring projects.

Applications and Properties

ADM Flooring’s Rubber underlayment sheets are suitable for various flooring types such as tile, porcelain, stone, carpet, laminate, and engineered wood floors with click or tongue and groove systems.

  • Acoustic Barrier: The 1/2″ Rubber underlayment acts as an excellent acoustic barrier, helping to reduce noise transmission.
  • Stress Cracks Prevention: Its use in flooring projects aids in preventing stress cracks and offers crack isolation, thereby protecting tiles from substrate cracking.
  • Cushioning: 12mm Rubber underlayment provides a slight underfoot cushioning effect for enhanced comfort.
  • Fire Inhibitor: Rubber acts as a fire inhibitor and doesn’t spread flame or emit toxic gases during combustion.
  • Installation: This 1/2″ thick Rubber underlayment does not require an overlap during installation as it does not serve as a moisture barrier.
  • Health-friendly: Rubber’s natural anti-allergenic properties contribute to maintaining healthy indoor air quality.
  • Longevity: Our premium underlayment is designed to withstand the test of time, ensuring it will not deteriorate even after years of use.
  • Eco-friendly: Being a sustainable and natural product, Rubber underlayment does not emit toxic fumes or gases, making it an environmentally friendly choice for your flooring needs.

Product Design and Specifications

  • Price per square foot:$1.99
  • Thickness:12mm (1/2 Inch)
  • Material:Rubber Sheet Underlayment
  • Sheet Dimensions:1/2" x 30" x 48"
  • Installation:Easy, Less Waste
  • Coverage:10 sq. ft. per sheet
  • Quality:Premium European Rubber
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