Shipping Policies

When receiving Shipments:

Shippers of all types of items are experiencing increased transit times and significantly increased damages during transport. We understand the frustration you feel regarding the downgrade in service, and we are feeling it too. In addition, carriers are denying more claims and have become more demanding regarding supporting documentation of those claims.

As a result, we need your help to hold the carriers responsible for the damage they inflict on your shipments.

Receiving Checklist:

Check your list of goods received to ensure that the full order has been received by you

Check boxes or freight for any damages that may have occurred during transport

If damaged or suspicion of damage, notate the delivery receipt in detail before signing

All shipping insurance has been paid by ADM Flooring® (Do not accept additional charges by the carrier)

Liftgate service has been paid by ADM Flooring® (Do not accept additional charges by the carrier)

If receiving multiple boxes, it is ok to accept a small partial damage so long as you notate the delivery receipt. ADM Flooring will handle the claim of the partial damage and replace immediately.

Large Damages:

Refuse badly damaged shipments

Small Damages:

Inspect freight for damage while the driver is on-site

Contact ADM Flooring® immediately to inform us of the damage

Notate damage on the bill of lading with as much detail as possible

Notate Damaged Box/Piece Count

Notate Item #/Product name

Notate Type of Damage

Only sign the bill of lading (BOL) once damages are included on the paperwork

Take clear photos of the damage before the driver leaves

Give the driver a copy of BOL with damages noted

If a receiver signs the BOL before denoting damages, the receiver is taking ownership of the freight as is and no freight claim can be made. Claims that are documented in this manner cannot be processed by ADM Flooring®.

Please contact your ADM Flooring® representative to answer any questions you may have.

Curbside Delivery:

All shipments are curbside delivery only. We cannot ensure that any delivery is taken beyond the curb point. ADM Flooring is not responsible for taking the shipment/s up any stairs, driveways, or further than the curb point.


If the driver is unable to reach your delivery address or the curbside closest to your delivery address, they will communicate the complication and either deliver to the closest location nearing your delivery address or have the shipment ready for pickup at their closest receiving terminal. It is up to the buyer’s shipping contact’s responsibility to coordinate the final transition of materials from the carrier to the chosen delivery address. Some carrier drivers may elect at their own discretion to deliver up the driveway or into your garage, but this is strictly up to the individual driver and considered a courtesy. Please contact ADM Flooring immediately if there are any complications with receiving your material. We will do everything in our power to ensure a successful delivery.

US Shipping:

Shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, PO Boxes, US protectorates and international is available.

Charge For Each Additional Shipment:

Splitting up the total delivery will require a delivery charge for each additional shipment. Prices vary; contact us for pricing.

Free Shipping:

Get free shipping on flooring orders with a minimum of 500 square feet. Exclusions may apply.

Order Tracking:

All shipments, including freight, are tracked. We upload tracking information as soon as the product has left our distribution center in California.

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