Novara Collection: Sunset

Who doesn’t enjoy sunsets? The unique color that the setting sun supplies against the horizon is one of the best sights in all of nature. Here at ADM Flooring®, we want your floors to give you the same type of joy every time you see them. That joy is one of the reasons that we developed the Sunset option from our Novara collection. 

What is Sunset? 

Sunset is one of our most popular beige tinted flooring options from the Novara collection. The vibrant color of our Sunset option gives your floors more of a traditional wood feel, but with a touch of modern. If you like the classic appearance of wood floors but want a roomier and brighter feeling room, then go with our Sunset option.  

Type of Wood 

Our Sunset flooring option is made from high-quality European Oak wood. You get the great look of one of the most classic types of wood used for hardwood flooring, with a touch of modern. There is something special about the natural grain patterns that make European Oak wood one of the most popular choices for flooring throughout the world. 


Sunset was made to bring joy and warmth to your home. This option from our Novara collection is one of our most popular colors and you can clearly see why. Sunset is a lighter beige color that gives your home more of a traditional feel, without sacrificing modern uniqueness. 


Adding texture to wood flooring is one of the best ways to enhance the natural appearance of your planks. When hardwood is wire brushed, the softer sap wood is removed. What is left is a more durable hardwood. We use wire brushing to not only add texture to your floor but to improve the life of your floor. With less soft sap wood, your floors can withstand the test of time better. 


Our Sunset option is finished with a UV lacquer. To enhance the finish, UV lacquer is applied in layers. By applying it in layers, your floor becomes better leveled, and there is an extra layer of protection added to the boards. The UV lacquer will help to prevent the color of your beautiful floors from fading over time. 


If you go with European Oak wood, then you obviously like its natural grain patterns. To enhance this natural look, ADM Flooring® only uses ABCD graded European Oak wood. With this grade, the unique characteristics of the wood are displayed for everyone to see.  

When traditional mixes with modern, true magic can happen. That is exactly what you are getting with our Sunset option from our Novara collection. In a world of modern-themed design, Sunset gives you a natural look, with a traditional feel. 

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