Why Are Light Color & Wide Engineered Floors “In” Right Now?

We’ve seen photos all over Domino, Dwelle, Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz of those amazing designer rooms featuring stunning, light-color, wide-planked engineered floors. Usually depicting the newly remodeled homes in a chic and hip manner. Images like the one you see above certainly make an impression as the epitome of luxury. You would think such high-end floors are never in-stock or too expensive for the average homeowner, right?

Great news, they’re not. 

Both lighter colors and wider planks have been chosen by designers and architects for years now. 2021 forecasters have predicted that this type of flooring is what consumers will choose when doing remodels. In fact, this look is so sought after that we are already beginning to see it trending across homes before the end of 2020. Because of the craze flooring retailers are carrying a wider variety of styles than ever before, it’s not hard to find “lighter and wider” flooring within your budget. So, if you’re planning to update your floors, read on as to why “lighter and wider” may be the choice for you.

First of all, what do we mean by lighter and wider? Floors that are yellow, beige, light-grey, golden, cream, and white fall under the “light” color spectrum, while floors that have planks of 5.5+ inches are considered “wide planked.”

Now, what are some pros of going with a lighter and wider plank floor?

Lighter and wider make a space appear bigger and better.

The more lighter the color the more our sun’s rays will reflect off of the surface, which opens up the room and adds an airy vibe. In addition, lighter color rooms appear to be larger than they are. A different type of illusion applies to wide plank flooring, since there are less lines and planks in the flooring layout, the eye automatically perceives more space. Having both lighter colored floors and wide planks will use both illusions at their best creating a spatial look in any room. 

Light floors are more versatile.

Dark or deeper-color floors are still nice, however they can attract too much attention in a room, clash with other wood accents and end up limiting overall decoration choices. Light color flooring works with most wall colors and furniture styles, making it easier to incorporate your personal style in a room.

Wide plank hardwood is faster and easier to install.

One wide plank takes up the space of at least two or more narrow planks, which helps expedite the installation process. That makes it easier if it’s a DIY project and less labor-expensive if you’re paying someone by the hour.

Lighter and wider floors are more visually interesting.

Lighter and wider floors will not break the bank.

Finally, The good news is there are flooring brands like us that carry predominately wide plank flooring. Offering high-end style floors with durability but moderately priced and easily accessible. If you are in the market for these types of floors don’t hesitate to order free samples from us, that way you can see in person why all of these benefits are true.

Photos: @Hnbleck, @Celine_Ord 

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