Maintenance Instructions

We have written a comprehensive guide of Do’s and Don’ts to help make sure you get the most out of your flooring. Download the guide below.


Do not perform any of the following:

– Dirt, grit and sand act like sandpaper to scratch, dent and dull hardwood floors. You should place floor mats at exterior entrances to trap dirt.

– Avoid walking on the floor with high heels or spiked shoes.

– NEVER drench-mop, wet-mop, or flood your floor with water or other products. This can severely damage the flooring and will void the warranties. The use of a disposible mop pad or other similar product that is lightly damped is highly recommended.

– Do not use hardwood floor cleaning machines.

– Do not use steam cleaners. They are not recommended for use on natural wood flooring

– Use oil based soaps on lacquer finished products and don’t use lacquer based soaps on oil finished products.

– Use paste wax based products. (NEVER wax a lacquered finished floor)

– Drag sharp wooden legs or metal furniture legs as it can scratch/dent hardwood floors.

– Do not expose to direct sunlight for extended period of time as it may dry/fade natural wood.

– Cover parts of your flooring. Either cover the entire surface area or none at all.

Make sure to click the link below to download our full list of ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ and a few tips for seasonal gaps, surface checks, and other important reminders.

Download our in-depth care and maintenance guide:

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