Armonia Collection: Grosseto

If you grew up in the early 1990s, you have probably seen a herringbone pattern before. However, if you never had a 14k herringbone gold chain of your own, then you are probably unaware of the beauty and uniqueness of the design. Luckily for you, herringbone is making a comeback. One of the places that herringbone is showing up the most is in hardwood flooring. Our Grosseto option from the Armonia collection combines a unique herringbone pattern with a rich, dark brown color to give you an elegant floor that enhances the look of any room in your home.

The Grosseto isn’t a chevron-patterned floor, it’s a herringbone-patterned floor. Herringbone and chevron are very similar but each has its own distinction. In a chevron pattern, the planks are cut at an angle to form a point. The herringbone pattern (commonly known as fishbone) of the Grosseto is achieved by connecting two planks at a 90-degree angle. Similar, but not the same.

Grosseto is made from high quality engineered European oak wood. Each plank is 4-3/4” wide and 5/8” thick. To enhance the look of the herringbone pattern, the planks are 23-5/8” long. That’s almost 2 feet! And because it is made from engineered oak hardwood, you’re getting a high-quality floor that will last for years at a bargain.

Oak is a very strong and durable wood. That is one of the main reasons that it is so often used for hardwood flooring. You can make your floor even stronger and climate-resistant by using engineered hardwood over solid hardwood. Engineered hardwood is more resistant to moisture than other types of flooring. In other words, variations in the moisture content of the air will not cause the wood to shrink or expand as much as solid hardwood, resulting in a longer life expectancy for your hardwood floor.

A popular trend in home design is to use contrasting colors to enhance the appearance of the walls and floors. The Grosseto comes in a dark color that doesn’t hide the unique grain patterns of the oak wood and looks great when paired with a lighter colored wall. And because the darker color doesn’t hide the grain patterns or slight color variation of the wood, you can even install Grosseto in rooms with darker colored walls.

The slight variations in color naturally present in the wood are brought out with the rich and dark color of the Grosseto option. These slight variations help enhance the herringbone pattern itself. The result is a beautifully patterned floor that works in almost any room in your home.

Adding texture to wood planks not only enhances the look of the wood, but it also helps to improve the strength and durability of the finished boards. The Grosseto is wire brushed to add texture and strength to the wood planks. Once the softer sapwood is removed, the remaining hardwood is sealed to make the planks even stronger.

Immediately after the planks are wire brushed, UV oil is applied in layers to the wood. We apply the oil in layers to give the oil enough time to penetrate and seal the wood. We are able to level the boards and fill in any minor imperfections that are naturally present in the wood. The result is a beautiful matte-finished plank with a sleek presentation.

The distinct color of the Grosseto is highly resistant to light damage (commonly known as sunburning) by the use of UV oil. Now you can have an amazing herringbone-patterned floor that will retain its color for years.

The Grosseto is made from rustic grade European oak wood. With rustic grade wood, you get a larger range of color variations that really bring out the herringbone pattern of your floor. The knots and grain patterns of the wood are more present, giving your floor more of a natural look.

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