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Casa Bellissima Collection

May 13, 2019

Modern home design is becoming more popular every year. More and more people are ditching the classic home design and are choosing to make their homes extremely comfortable and inviting to their friends and family. One of the best ways to bring out this comfort level is with the right type of hardwood flooring and we have the casa bellissima collection for that. If you want hardwood flooring that is comfortable, then why not go with a more natural or rustic styled floor? If you want a rustic or natural styled floor then the Casa Bellissima collection is a good place to start.

The Casa Bellissima collection is one of our most popular rustic and natural styled hardwood flooring. Each plank in the Casa Bellissima collection is 7½” wide and 5/8” thick. Most of the planks in this collection are 73” long. The Casa Bellissima is available in two different types of wood, and multiple color options.

The Casa Bellissima collection is made from either the highest-quality European oak or solid maple wood. Being engineered hardwood, the Casa Bellissima collection can be installed in areas where wood flooring traditionally wouldn’t be recommended. The Casa Bellissima collection can be installed in almost any room of your home including some bathrooms and kitchens.

The Casa Bellissima collection is available in multiple colors, making it easy to pick the right color for your home. The Vintage Ivory is the lightest color, followed closely by the natural color of the Campania and Vintage White planks. The Vintage Brown(discontinued) and Vintage Beige planks will give your floor a darker tan/ brown color.

If you want a grey floor, then luckily for you there are several options available from the Casa Bellissima collection such as the Volcano Grey and Vintage Grey colors. If you really want a dark grey floor, then go with the Aquila option. Unlike the other choices in the Casa Bellissima collection, the Aquila planks are made from maple wood.

Every plank in the Casa Bellissima collection is wire brushed to add extra texture to the wood. By wire brushing the wood, the softwood is removed leaving the more durable, deeper colored, and prized hardwood. In addition, wire brushing will make the grain more apparent. If durability is a concern of yours, then look no further. If you want a real wood floor that can better hide scratches and dents than other types of flooring, then the Casa Bellissima collection is for you. You will have a beautifully textured floor that adds to the design of your home and won’t have to worry about minor marks destroying your wood floors.

The Casa Bellissima collection is available in two different types of finishes. The boards are either finished with UV lacquer or UV oil. Both are great for bringing out the details in the wood.

The Carrara and Aquila options are both made of maple wood and finished with a UV lacquer. The lacquer seals the wood planks and adds an extra top layer of protection. The UV lacquer helps resist your wood floor from changing color due to light exposure.

The rest of the flooring options from the Casa Bellissima collection are all finished and sealed with UV Oil. UV Oil also protects your wood flooring from changing color over time from light exposure. In addition, it helps to give your floors a more natural look with a luster you can’t get from anything except oil. On top of that, the oil is absorbed into the wood planks and adds an extra layer of protection to the fiber of your floors.

The wood in the Casa Bellissima collection is either ABCD or Rustic graded hardwood. The Volcano Grey and Cesena options are all ABCD or standard natural character grade. The rest of the options in the Casa Bellissima collection are all Rustic grade.

Both ABCD and Rustic graded wood will give your home more of a natural appearance. Rustic grade wood has more color variations and knots than ABCD graded wood. No matter how natural you want your hardwood floor to look, there is an option for you in the Casa Bellissima collection.

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