Lazio Collection

When it comes to modern home design, the appearance of your floors makes a huge statement. If you want modern wood flooring options with a smooth finish, then you will surely find your next wood floors in the Lazio collection. With the wide range of rich colors and its natural appearance, it is easy to find a flooring option in the Lazio collection that will work in any home.  

What is the Lazio Collection? 

The Lazio collection is one of our most natural styled hardwood flooring options. Each plank in the Lazio collection is 6½” wide and 5/8” thick. Every plank is up to 73” long, with slight variations in the lengths of the boards that add style to your floor once they are installed.  

Type of Wood 

Every flooring option in the Lazio collection is made from solid maple wood. Maple wood is naturally light in color with subtle grain patterns. These subtle grain patterns work extremely well in large, open spaces or any other area of your home. 

Maple wood is naturally very durable making it one of the main reasons that maple wood is among the most popular types of wood flooring. The Lazio collection is engineered maple hardwood. The increased stability and durability of engineered hardwood combined with maple’s impressive durability makes it possible to install the Lazio collection in almost any room of your home. 


Like our other flooring options, the Lazio collection comes in a wide range of rich colors. The Arezzo and Parato are the lightest color options available in the Lazio collection. If you want a floor that is still light but has more of a light beige/ tan color, then the Caserta option is a great choice. 

If light color flooring isn’t your thing, then go with one of the darker color options available in the Lazio collection. If you want more of a brown colored floor, the Balsamo is a good choice. If the Balsamo isn’t quite dark enough for you, then the Como is a great option. What if you want a darker colored floor that isn’t too brown? Then go with the Salerno color option, which boasts a more greyish tint than the Balsamo or Como colors.  


The Lazio collection was designed to give your floors a smooth, clean modern appearance that enhances the natural look of maple wood. None of the planks in the Lazio collection have been brushed or treated with any other technique to add texture. Instead, the smoothness of the planks is preserved with the lacquer finish. 


The Lazio collection is finished with a satin UV lacquer. Like most UV lacquers, this type of finish seals the wood planks and gives the top layer added protection against common wear and tear. To enhance the look even more of the wood planks, a satin UV lacquer is used. The satin finish combined with the smooth look of the maple wood really makes the different color options of the Lazio collection shine. 


All the wood in the Lazio collection is ABCD graded hardwood. ABCD graded hardwood is more natural-looking than other grades and has fewer knots and color variations than rustic graded hardwood. ABCD graded maple wood has a smooth, natural appearance that really makes your floors stand out.  

The Lazio collection gives you a modern look, with increased durability and a floor that really shines. When it comes time to replace or upgrade your current flooring, it’s hard to beat the natural look of the Lazio collection. 

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