Wider Planks for the Modern Home

Whether we realize it or not, one of the first things people look for when buying a new home is if it has hardwood flooring and how wide those planks are. Carpet, aside from constant maintenance, can occasionally be lackluster and boring. Hardwood flooring, on the other hand, has elegance and style, with a touch of nature. If you are looking to give your home a modern makeover, then you should install wider hardwood planks.  

The modern design concept is all about capturing nature and increasing the perceived space of your home. It turns out that when you install wider hardwood planks, you can accomplish both. With wider hardwood planks, more of the wood is intact, and more of the natural grain patterns are preserved. When more of the grain patterns are preserved, your hardwood flooring has more of a natural feel.  

Another big theme of modern home design is to open up your home and make it appear to be larger. Modern is all about staying at home, and inviting your friends, family, and neighbors over for the experience. When they come over, you want them to feel comfortable and not crowded. Due to fewer spaces between the boards and fewer joints are exposed, the mind may perceive wider plank hardwood flooring as more spacious. One eight-inch-wide board will always look bigger than four two-inch boards.  

If you are in the market for installing wider planks, then check out the Lombardy and Barletta collections from ADM Flooring®. Each plank from the Lombardy and Barletta collections are over ten inches wide. Because they are so wide, it is easy to make your home appear to be larger, while showing off more of the natural grain pattern present from the oak wood used in both collections.

ADM Flooring® uses engineered hardwood for the Barletta and Lombardy collections which negate shrinking and expanding, of the boards, when exposed to moisture changes. Due to the flooring being engineered hardwood, you won’t have to worry about gaps between your boards showing up six months down the road when the temperature starts to change. 

Engineered hardwood gives you the same look as traditional hardwood because it is made from 100% wood. The top layer of engineered hardwood is one solid piece. The wood underneath is made from ground-up pieces of wood that are pressed together. These boards are more stable than traditional hardwood flooring. When you are using wider planks, you want to have the most stable boards possible. Let ADM Flooring® help you get a more modern looking home with their extra wide planks.

Were we able to answer your questions? If not, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you in whichever way we can! 

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