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One of the latest trends in flooring is installing patterned hardwood floors. Patterned hardwood flooring is great at adding a unique and modern look to your floor. The Armonia collection offers this flooring. With many consumers adding hardwood flooring to their entire home and with the recent trend of open house designs, more people are looking for alternative ways to separate the rooms in their home. One of the best ways to separate the rooms in your home without adding walls or using furniture is to install patterned hardwood flooring. Simply install the patterned wood in a specific room and then use a traditional straight pattern in the adjoining rooms. If you want a stylish patterned floor that works in any home, then go with our Armonia collection.

The Armonia collection is one of our premier patterned hardwood flooring options. It is available in both a herringbone and chevron pattern and comes in several colors. The Pistachio, Rho, Rimini, and Terni options all have a V-shaped (chevron) pattern. The Grosseto, Turin, and Syracuse color options have a classic herringbone pattern. All three styles look great and add a unique look to any room in your home.

The Armonia collection is made of the highest-quality European white oak wood. Each plank of wood flooring is 5/8” thick. The Grosseto and Turin options are both 4-3/4” wide and have a fixed length of 23-5/8” long. The Pistachio, Rho, Rimini, and Terni options are also 4-3/4” wide. However, they are slightly longer than the herringbone choices due to the points at each end. Each option is fixed at 28-1/8” long. Like most of our other types of wood, the Armonia collection is engineered hardwood. Because it is engineered wood, the Armonia collection has good stability and durability.

The Armonia collection is available in several different colors. For a darker color that really enhances the grain of your floors, the Grosseto and Terni color options are a great choice. If you are looking for more of a greyish color, go with the Syracuse or Rho. For more of natural wood color, the Rimini, Turin, and Pistachio options are a great fit. The numerous color options of the Armonia collection make it easy to pick hardwood flooring to match the rest of the floors in your home.

The texture is added to all the options in the Armonia collection with a wire brush. The added texture helps to highlight the unique herringbone and chevron grain patterns in the Armonia collection. In addition to the enhanced appearance, the wire brushing adds an extra layer of protection to the wood and helps to mask dents and scratches better than smooth textured floors. If your floors are exposed to foot traffic from pets or young children, wire-brushed hardwood is one of your best options when choosing wood flooring.

All the wood in the Armonia collection is finished using high-quality oil. Unlike regular finish, oil does not seal the wood. Instead, oil is absorbed directly into the wood, giving it a natural look full of luster and shine. Like all hardwood, regular maintenance and care are necessary to keep your floors looking great for years to come. Every time you use an oil refresher, you add an extra layer of protection to your wood flooring. Besides protecting your wood, oil also helps to mask minor wear and tear. In addition, using an oil finish makes it easy to spot-fix your hardwood floors.

The Grosseto, Rho, Rimini, Terni, Turin, and Pistachio options are all certified rustic grade wood. With a rustic grade, you get a larger range of color variations and you will have more knots. Rustic graded wood gives you a unique and traditional vintage look.

The Syracuse option is certified ABCD graded hardwood. It gives your home more of a natural look with large knots in the wood, but not as many as the rustic grade. The variation of grey color in the Syracuse option really brings out the uniqueness of each individual piece of wood.

Both grades of hardwood combined with either a chevron or herringbone design will enhance the natural look of your floors. Chevron or herringbone design work well in both traditional and modern styled homes. If you want your floors to really stand out, then pick one of the options in our Armonia collection.


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