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More and more people are valuing experiences over material possessions. One of the best ways to make lasting memories is to spend more time with loved ones and friends. This recent change in values is starting to make itself present in home design. People are tearing down walls and opening their homes to the world. The Barletta collection can help you. With this openness trend, more consumers are choosing to add wood flooring to their entire homes. One of the best ways to maximize openness and make your rooms look bigger is to install wider wood planks. For people that are looking for larger hardwood boards, our Barletta collection is hard to beat.

The Barletta collection is our largest natural grade hardwood flooring. Each plank is 10.25” wide and up to 87” long. The Barletta collection is available in several natural color options and even comes unfinished for those that want to customize the color of their floors. With the larger boards, fewer floor joints will be visible, making your room look larger.

Our Barletta collection is constructed of the highest-quality European oak wood. Each engineered piece of wood is 5/8” thick. Because the Barletta collection is engineered hardwood, you get real wood flooring with extra stability and durability. The construction of the Barletta collection gives you extra protection for the everyday wear and tear that life throws at your floors.

The Barletta collection comes in a wide range of natural colors. If you want a lighter color, then go with the Moon Shadow color option. If you want a darker, more gray color, then the Ossola line is for you. Sea Smoke gives you a darker, tan appearance. If you want a custom color, then choose our Unfinished Barletta wood planks. Each color will give your home more of a natural wood look and can be used in both modern and classic styled homes.

Every option in the Barletta collection is wire brushed to add to the texture of the wood. Each piece of wire-brushed wood will look slightly different, making your flooring unique to your home. Wire brushing not only gives your wood a unique, one of a kind appearance but it also helps to mask scratches and dents. With wire brushing, the softer top layer of the wood is removed, leaving more of the harder grain exposed. The harder grain, when combined with the engineered layers of wood, adds extra strength to your floors. If you want great looking natural wood floors that can better withstand everyday wear and tear, it is hard to beat wire brushed engineered hardwood.

The finish of your flooring not only helps to create the perfect color to match your home, but it also adds an extra layer of protection. Besides the unfinished option, the Barletta collection is finished with both UV lacquer and UV oil. Our Moon Shadow option is sealed with UV lacquer to add an extra layer of protection. Our Ossola and Sea Smoke options are finished with UV oil. Both finishes protect against sunlight damage.

Moon Shadow is great for people that want an easy floor finish to clean and maintain. The oil finish of our Ossola and Sea Smoke wood helps to level the surface of the planks. Because the oil is absorbed into the wood, continued maintenance and yearly application of oil refresher will add extra layers of protection to the Ossola and Sea Smoke options.

All the wood in the Barletta collection is certified ABCD graded hardwood. ABCD or natural grade gives your home a natural look. The larger sized knots in the wood add to the uniqueness of your floors. If you want to be bold and really enhance the minerals and grain of your wood, choose the unfinished option and stain it with a dark finish. Whatever natural look you are going for, the Barletta collection gives you enough options to customize your floor to match the decor of your home.

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