Barletta Collection: Sea Smoke

With recent trends in modern home design, many people have started to look at the past for their future flooring desires. The Barletta collection is one of our premier hardwood flooring choices that also boasts a truly original look, specifically the Sea Smoke color. With its wide planks and contemporary color, Sea Smoke can bring a modern appearance to any home.  

What is Sea Smoke? 

Besides being one of our widest and longest planks, the Sea Smoke option has a contemporary appearance that can make any room in your home stand out. The 10-1/4“ wide planks can make the room appear to be larger and more inviting.  

We only use the finest European Oak hardwood veneer for our color, Sea Smoke. Oak has a unique, and popular, appearance and can match the decor of almost any home. Combining its stability and unique grain characteristics, your floor will be something that your guests will always remember. Similar to the rest of our flooring options, our Sea Smoke color is made from engineered wood. The planks are 100% wood and will last longer than your traditional hardwood boards. 

Sea Smoke shows the natural color of the European Oak hardwood but adds a subtle light grey tint to the wood. This lighter color along with the wider boards helps to create the appearance of additional space. Also, Sea Smoke goes with almost any wall color. You can install it with a lighter shade of paint or even use it to add contrast to a dark-colored wall. 

Our Sea Smoke color is also textured using a distinctive wire brush method which adds elegance along with subtle grain appearance. Additionally, using a wire brush method helps to increase the strength and improve the stability of the wood. Sea Smoke is also finished with UV oil. The oil will help prevent the color of the boards from fading, keep the natural color of Oak, and is used to help level the floor to make it uniform. The wider boards along with the oil finish help add a layer of protection to your investment.  

Sea Smoke is ABCD graded European oak wood. It is made from high-quality parts of the tree that can withstand the test of time. Sea Smoke has enough of the natural grain pattern that it will never be confused with other types of hardwood flooring. Sea Smoke is the current most popular option from our Barletta collection. Not only does it look amazing, but the boards are extremely wide and has a unique grain pattern to really make your hardwood floors stand out from the competition. 

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