Benefits of Oil Finished Hardwood Flooring

When the time comes to install new hardwood flooring, you should consider going with an Oil Finish. If you have ever replaced old hardwood flooring, or have decided to install hardwood flooring for the first time, then you know that you have a variety of options to choose from. For example, you must decide what color you want to go with, the width of the planks, and what rooms in your home you want to put hardwood flooring in. Although, one of the tougher choices is what type of finish you want to use.  

When it comes to the finish you want for your hardwood floors, you have several options and it comes down to your personal preference. When you purchase your hardwood flooring from ADM Flooring®, you can be assured that all the wood is finished with extra protection to ensure that your new floors will last for decades.  

One of the most popular hardwood choices is the Campania color option from the Casa Bellissima collection. Not only is it a beautiful choice for a hardwood floor, but it is finished with UV oil. There are several benefits of having your hardwood flooring finished with oil. When applied correctly, the oil adds an extra layer of protection to the wood. The oil gets absorbed by the wood and automatically makes the plank more stable. The oil also adds an extra layer to defend the wood against damage and resist spills. The oil takes the brunt of the foot traffic rather than the actual wood. 

ADM Flooring® hardwood flooring is sourced from sustainably managed forests. Just like everything else that is organic, it isn’t perfect. Sometimes these imperfections can cause the wood not to be level. Luckily, the oil used for the finish fills in any low spots that are naturally present in the wood and makes them all the same level. The result is a beautiful hardwood floor that matches your home. 

For the Campania option, we also apply the oil in layers. When the oil is applied in layers, the floors are even more leveled and beautiful, than when other methods are used. ADM Flooring® also integrates UV into the oil us on the Campania. The UV protects your floors from sun exposure. Hardwood is known to react when exposed to direct sunlight which may lead to fading or darkening over time. If you don’t want this to occur, a UV oil finished is recommended. Although UV oil assists in protecting your hardwood flooring against sun damage, take additional precautions such as installing windows with UV protection as well. An oil finish is great for adding luster to your floors. If you want your floors to look as natural as possible, you can’t beat oil. If you want to have the best oil finished engineered flooring available, then you can’t beat ADM Flooring®. 

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