Spotlight Flooring: Bergamo Color

Wide planks and patterned flooring are two of the latest trends in modern home design. With designers, more frequently, choosing an open concept in their homes there is often a need to separate the rooms of their homes.  Wide planks and patterned flooring are great ways to add an open space feeling to your home while creating a natural boundary between rooms.

You have several options when it comes to a patterned floor that may work well in your home. One of the most popular current trends is patterned hardwood flooring. The french Versailles hardwood design is one of the oldest wood flooring designs on the market. Bergamo from the Monza collection is a combination of one of the most popular patterned wood flooring options of all time with a finish and color that truly shines.

Versailles panels first made their appearance in 1684 in the Palace of Versailles, Château de Versailles, in France. They were installed to replace the old marble floor that was causing the wooden joists beneath to rot. The Versailles pattern consists of diagonal boards separating diagonal squares and surrounded by a square border.

Bergamo is a natural color option in the Monza collection. Our Versailles panels are 31.5 inches by 31.5 inches and are made from European oak while sporting a 3/4 inch thick board. The width of the Bergamo panels is great at creating a perceived appearance of more space in your home.

ADM Flooring® uses the finest quality European oak wood for the Bergamo option. To increase the Bergamo’s durability, it is made from engineered European oak wood. Oak is naturally a strong wood that boasts both strong stability and durability. When combined with the extra strength and stability from engineered wood, you get a floor that can withstand daily use while lasting an extended period of time.

Bergamo combines the popularity of light-color wood floors with the most popular wood flooring pattern of all time. It uniquely brings a light color combined with natural grain and knots to create an amazing feel and design. The ease at which oak can be stained makes it a great choice for people that want to show off the unique, natural characteristics of their European oak wood floors. If you would like your home to appear larger, the lighter color used for ADM Flooring® Bergamo option is a great choice for your next flooring project.

Another trend in modern home design is installing wood flooring that has texture. The texture adds a uniqueness to your floors while ultimately adding an extra layer of protection. Not only do you get a unique looking floor but the softer sapwood of the tree is removed using wire brushing. The result is an even stronger hardwood floor that displays more of the grain patterns naturally found in European oak wood.

After the panels are wire brushed, UV oil is applied to finish the wood. The UV oil is applied in layers to ensure that any small imperfections naturally found in the wood are filled in. This process creates a smooth surface that stands out and shines in any room. Not only does the UV oil create a certain amount of luster and helps to level the wood but it also adds even more protection to your floors.

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