Spotlight Flooring: Caserta Color

Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular types of flooring currently available. With recent advancements in manufacturing, there are more options for wood flooring types than ever to choose from. Sometimes the process of choosing the right floor for your home can be difficult. The good news is that the flooring specialists at ADM Flooring® are always willing to help. With our guidance, we will ensure that you pick out the best hardwood floor for your home. This weeks’ spotlight is on our Caserta color hardwood flooring of the Lazio Collection.  

What is Caserta? 

There are several color options to choose from in the Lazio Collection, although, one of the most popular is the Caserta option. Our Caserta color does an amazing job of preserving the natural appearance of hardwood flooring. Each piece from the Caserta color is 5/8 inches thick6.5 inches wide, and has a 3mm wear layer. Most of the planks come at 73” long!  

Type of Wood 

The Caserta color is made from the finest Maple wood available. Maple is best when you are looking to preservthe natural color of the wood. Due to its naturally strong durability characteristics, Maple is one of the most popular choices for hardwood flooring today. At ADM Flooring®, we source our Maple to be as select grade as possible. This means way fewer knots than the standard company. 


Caserta comes in a classic light natural maple color. This great looking color will not only work in any style of home, but it is great at enhancing the natural characteristics of Maple. This lighter color can be used to create contrast with a darker wall or to add the appearance of space in any size room. 


Most of the time no texture is added to Maple hardwood. Why? Because Maple is one of the most durable types of hardwood and it already has a great smooth texture with little to no grain patternTherefore, we chose not to add any extra texture to the Caserta color 


To enhance the smooth natural texture of the Maple wood used in the production of the Caserta colorwe use a high-quality Satin UV Lacquer finish applied in multiple coats. The Satin UV Lacquer finish adds a slight shine to the maple wooand really makes it stand out in any room.  


ADM Flooring® only uses ABCD graded hardwood in the Lazio collection. Maple not only possesses an impressive toughness but it also has great natural character. With ABCD graded wood, more of the natural grain patterns and other various characteristics are preserved from the Maple wood. 

If you want a great looking hardwood floor that will work in any style home, at a great price, then we suggest you look at the Caserta color. Its classic espresso color will make any room in your home look amazing. 

Were we able to answer your questions? If not, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you in whichever way we can!

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